Event Purpose

The 2019 “Whitewater SUP Instructors Meet, Greet and Paddle” will be taking place just after the European Paddle Expo on Sunday the 13.10.2019 & Monday the 14.10.2019. The goal is to meet one another and openly share information so as to improve the quality of our instruction in the sport and its safety standards as a whole.

An agenda will be provided to registered participants several days before the event. The 2019 venue will be the Vorderrhein. This event is intended solely for qualified WhiteWater SUP Instructors. For further details please see the required qualifications section.

In general we would ask the participates to openly share the following information:

  • Whitewater Paddle Techniques (eg. stances)
  • Whitewater Rescue Techniques (eg. gorge rescue)
  • Whitewater SUP Safety Standards (eg. leash & gear usage)

We are aware that several of these topics can generate extensive discussions. These discussion should be led by the event organizer and we ask that the participants respect any discussion limitations imposed by the organizer.

We also ask that each participant come to the event with an open mind and not with the intention of convincing others, but rather more so with that of understanding others and openly sharing information. Only with such an open approach will participants be able to benefit from the experiences and knowledge of others.

Participant Requirements

Only those Participates who have registered for and who have had this registration confirmed may participate in the event.

This event is directed and intended for qualified WhiteWater SUP Instructors. This ensures an open and free environment in which we can share our experiences and talent without judgement. As such we have consulted with several organizations and concluded that the following requirements must be met in order to participate in this event:

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Venue & Tour

We will meet in Versam on Saturday evening (please register on this site so that I can add you to a WhatsApp group). All meetings will take place at the “Linx-House”.

Guide Introduction & Event Program Review

  • Meeting Date & Time: 12.10.2019 – 18:00
  • Meeting location: Linx-House
  • Registration check
  • Guide-Leader designation & Introduction
  • Group structuring
  • Input from event participants
  • Program & event purpose review
  • Safety discussions
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Meeting Point

The Linx-House is located directly next to the Versam train station. Please note that the train station is several hundred meters below the town of 7104 Versam, Switzerland. The train station parking lot (Versam-Station) is large enough to provide parking for all of the participants and is, as you can see in the photo of the Linx-House (below), located directly beside the Linx-house.

Please enter the following details into your GPS:
Versam Station – 7104 Versam, Switzerland
GPS Coordinates 46.807089, 9.311113

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This event is not a commercial event a contribution towards the expenses is however appreciated

Participation in the WhiteWater SUP Instructors Meet, Greet and Paddle is free of charge to qualified instructors. However, a contribution to cover the event costs (CHF 10.– or 20.–) is at the discretion of the participant. We do however ask that you respect the privacy of all participants and treat the location provided by our sponsors with respect.

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